Your “One-Stop-Shop” for Industrial Supplies

Elber Supply is a true “one-stop-shop” for your administration to manufacturing operations, we supply to all types of business both big and small. While saving you bottom line dollars, we also have programs to monitor inventory and stock product right to your shelves no additional cost to you and no contracts. Flexible billing and vendor consolidation will give your company peace of mind.

Elber Supply is committed to providing exceptional service to our customers’ supply needs with personal attention, efficient delivery, and competitive pricing.

Elber Supply is located in Mentor, OH and has been supplying businesses of all industries for over 16 years. Our honesty and personal attention are what sets us apart from other suppliers.

How can Elber Supply benefit your company?

  • One-stop shop for all areas of your business
  • Can check inventory at multiple locations
  • Save company dollars with our competitive pricing
  • Help accounting department with flexible billing and vendor consolidation